Dominus 5 axis cnc VMC machine

3 or 5 axis CNC VMC machining centre – Dominus, large multi axis CNC machine tools.

The Dominus 3 / 5 axis CNC VMC machine tool  has been designed for a range of large CNC machine applications and is available in a number of sizes with multiple options to suit the varying requirements of today’s production needs.

The basis of the 3 / 5-axis CNC VMC machine design is arranged around a moving column travel concept with a central fixed table. This design concept guarantees machine stability and accuracy for high milling performance. On the standard 3 / 5-axis CNC Dominus, the X axis strokes range from 2200mm up to 6000mm, Y axis either 1000mm or 1200mm and the Z axiz 1000mm. The 4th axis is built into the spindle which is mounted directly onto the Y axis ram whilst the 5th axis is an in-built rotary table which sits within the main CNC machine base and is available in a number of different size diameters.

The servo drives on each axes, combined with ball screws and high precision linear rails and bearings, ensure high positioning accuracy and a high feeds and speeds. Axis positioning for all axes is measured by Heidenhain absolute optical scales.

The standard fitted VMC CNC machine spindle on the 5 axis CNC Dominus is a mechanical type with either ISO40 or ISO50 tooling options. This can be upgraded to an electro spindle with higher speeds and torque if required to work with ISO40, ISO50, HSK63 or HSK100. All of the spindle options for the large 5 axis CNC Dominus or Dominus Big versions allow for machining different types of materials, including light metal alloys or very hard steel alloys. The CNC machine itself has been designed to allow different types of machining: from machining in pendular form to machining of single parts, dies, tools, die templates and within the fields of application ranging from aerospace, maritime and energy to the mechanical sector in general.

Built into the machine design is an embedded swarf removal and tool cooling system which enables the swarf removal from the machining area. A proportionately sized chip elevator is assembled at the end of the fixed table base for the removal of the swarf from the machine

The Dominus range of large 3 axis CNC machines have large working area’s with easy access through the two large front opening guard doors. As standard the Dominus 3 / 5-Axis Large multi axis CNC machine tools have 40 tool change positions which is upgradable to 60 if required.

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Dominus – Large multi axis CNC machine tool.

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