5-Axis CNC VMC Machine – JazzR

A Compact 5 Axis CNC Machining centre with style including a tilting rotary table table for ultimate small CNC machine flexibility.

The Universal 5-axis CNC VMC machining centre – JAZZR 5AX, was inspired to satisfy multiple machining needs for high speed dynamic’s of small complex CNC processes.

The base frame is made with a DMP process specifically developed for milling machines and is composed of a damping-vibration composite material based within a high performance mineral casting. The 5-axis CNC machine is built on a structural base where there are the main working area is the tilting rotary table for the B + C axis (600mm x 600mm).

The X axis is assembled on a carriage and is moved by a ball screw assembly on high precision linear rails and bearings; on this carriage the Y axis RAM is also mounted. The movement of this is by the same system, high precision ball screw and linear rails. The spindle is mounted in a structure that is fixed on the front of the Y axis RAM onto the carriages of a third set of linear rails and again moved by a ball screw. This is the Z axis of the 5-axis CNC machine. There is also an option to upgrade the standard spindle for an electro spindle which gives higher speed and torque output to suit greater demanding machining applications.

On the 5-axis VMC Jazz there is no balance cylinder fitted in order to guarantee high dynamic machine speeds with no compromise. CNC machine safety levels are guaranteed by an integral safety brake direct on to the Z axis ball screw. The tool magazine is fixed on to the machine base with ISO40 as standard or as an option the BT- 40 or HSK-63. The CNC machine working area of the machine is enclosed as standard with steel plated vertical protective bellows which allows the swarf to be contained within the area of the machine base and extracted from the machine with an integrated swarf conveyor.

At the heart of the machine is a 5-axis CNC contouring system which is capable of machining a 400mm cube up to 350 Kg in weight.

The JAZZR 5AX has a X axis stroke of 750mm, 600mm on Y axis and 550mm Z axis. As an additional option to a standard machining centre, the JazzR CNC machine can be integrated with a pallet change system for the inclusion of up to 200 pallets, Fagima can now offer the customer the capability of easily operating over a weekend in a ‘lights out’ condition.

With this option you can ensure that machine set-up times are kept to an absolute minimum thereby reducing production times.

All in all this high speed 5 axis CNC machine is able to cater for all needs of today’s demanding production requirements. Fagima’s newest addition to its constantly growing machine tool family, can increase production and productivity whilst at the same time giving perfect precision in component manufacture.

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Jazz R 5 axis cnc machine

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