TurningNew to the Fagima machine tool range and available for the 5 axis Derby and Dominus machines is a solution to take a high precision vertical CNC machining centre and enable it to turn diameters up to 1290mm, increasing the flexibility of a high quality state of the art machining centre to do more.

The new system consists of a dedicated turning / milling head within an electro spindle, (both managed by Hirth gearing) and is available in 3 different versions (Capto C6, Capto C8 and HSK100). The rotary table ‘chuck’, is built into the main machine table and can run at speeds up to 500 rpm. Combined with a clamping system made by Bosch Rexroth AG, this solution provides the best performance for vertical machining centre turning operations.

Prior to the turning process taking place, the axes are locked in position by using the new SLS – KWH Bosch Rexroth hydraulic clamping system. This system enables high control pressure directly against the free surfaces of the linear guide rails by the action of a built in piston and gives an extremely large surface area clamping force to enable true machine stability even during the most stressful machining.

The control of the Bosch clamping system is via the ‘Hawe’ hydraulic power pack which is mounted within the machine and operates at a pressure up to 150 bar within a temperature range of 0°-70°C. Once the turning process is complete, an inbuilt quick release system unclamps the rail making the system ready to move to its next destination. This type of system allows to the machine to switch from turning to milling operations and vice-versa very quickly.

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