Fagima CNC Machine Tools Goes Large with the Dominus range.

During 2014 FAGIMA have been developing, testing and refining the largest CNC machine tool in their range, the 5 axis Dominus. By redesigning the machine’s core requirements and focusing on a specific goal, Fagima have taken the standard CNC machine, Dominus to create the Dominus Big and following extremely positive extensive tests, they have now added it to the ever growing list of machine tool products.

The strokes of the standard 5 axis CNC Dominus are up to 6 metres in the X axis, 1.2 metres in the Y axis and 1 metre in the Z axis. There’s no doubt that this is already a big machine but following customer feedback, Fagima took on board the need to increase the machining capacity by developing the Dominus into a machining centre that can perform a very large range of stressful applications and particular machining operations on much larger work pieces.

The Z axis of the Dominus Big machining centre has been redesigned to strengthen the rigidity of the column and also increased in stroke length. This allows the machine to take different load bearing stresses from larger machining cuts with bigger and longer tools and also gives a new dimension on the working area of the machine and its capable work pieces.

Increased to a 1.5 metre stroke, the Z axis on the Dominus Big is powered by twin motors and ball screws on a gantry type system for maximum stability and rigidity even during the most stressful machining operations. This increase in extra power and stability has also enabled Fagima to add a more powerful electro spindle or a bi-rotative head, depending on the customer requirements. This system increases the loads that can be put through the head and column thus increasing the machine productivity. The whole structure of Dominus Big is more robust and enhanced.

The new 5 axis CNC Dominus Big design has already drawn exciting interest from existing customers and a number of orders for standard Dominus machines have been revised to include the new specification.

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