Don’t wait until it’s too late !

Service 2000 Machine Tool Service contracts.

Helping to spread the pain and increase the gain of machine tool production.

There is nothing worse that receiving a large bill for service work carried out on machine tools, whether they are standard mills, lathes, grinders or fully controlled multi axis CNC machine tools, that’s why Service 2000 Machine Tools Limited are offering service contracts that can be trailered to suit every customer with machine tool service needs.

From Basic to Premium service contracts, we can ease the pain of yearly or bi-yearly service visits by helping you, the customer, to manage the expensive service costs over 12 / 24 monthly payments.

Don’t get caught out with a machine that is on it’s last legs and a massive bill to put it right, spread the costs today with the future in mind.

Just another sensible way that Service 2000 Machine Tools are going the extra mile to help our customers.

Spreading the costs of a healthy machine shop with Service Contracts.

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